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 (2020-01-05 22:01:00)

Love your ethics, your positivity, your lovely way about you and how you approach and contend with difficult people who have difficulty coping with challenging life situations. I have been privileged to watch you do your "magic", see the positive result of your Therapy with results. You have aid me and enlighten me on my journey to care for those who suffer pain and struggle with dispair. I consider you my True Friend. - feeling blessed.

 (2019-09-21 10:39:23)

Eva is a wonderful person, she helped me heal my Acid reflux and Trigeminal neuralgia (a nerve pain disorder with no cure), by having me experience quantum healing hypnosis therapy. A year on from the experience I have no health issues and understand my life and soul purpose with much greater clarity.

 (2019-07-11 11:21:59)

I have known Eva for years now. She has been gifted with lot of qualities. She has been helping me sail through my stress at work place and has been spot on with her reading. I can confidently say that Eva has helped me with some positive energy and I am thankful for her excellent support. I am sure others would be benefitted as well. Appreciate all your efforts Eva and wish you all the best. Thank you.

 (2015-06-18 14:08:30)

Hello everyone,I would like to share with you about my experience with past life regression.For me was this experience most helpful, every my questions of my life was fully explained.And thanks that now i can feel much more better and with clearly mind i can tell you all mine activities and happiness are more opened.Eva is really great person with very positive energy.I never seen someone like she is.Thank you so much Eva for your help.I really appreciate it.

 (2015-03-13 23:24:21)

I had few card readings with Eva and I also tried to have hypnotherapy with her. The card readings were spot on and I have also tried the hypnotherapy with her about my unresolved past (I have never done hypnotherapy before and I was quite sceptical about it), it helped me miracle and I feel much better and relieved from past issue now. Well done Eva!

 (2014-05-08 22:00:31)

I am amazed by Eva's reading - she gave me confidence and support to pursue my objective and gave an accurate reading of when I would reach my goal. I am very grateful to Eva for this.

Jim U. London:
 (2014-02-21 18:32:44)

Eva is a goddess. To say this is a way of speaking. Eva has all it takes to assist one to move towards wholeness and wellbeing. Her healing hands leave me "wallowing" in good health. She is a gift of Mother Nature to all.

 (2014-02-19 08:02:25)

I've been Eva's customer for many years and have had many card reading sessions with her. Recently I have been stressed about my job search and when things started to happen exactly how Eva told me, I was amazed. Eva told me when I would find a new job and when I would actually start it. When I told her about my upcoming interview, she said: 'This is the one.' Spot on! thank you Eva! :o) Eva has direct but gentle approach in saying things, helps you understand yourself and what is happening at that moment in your life; and gives you suggestions as in how to deal with certain situations the best way and what to avoid. She is full of enthusiasm, energy and positive thoughts. I recommend Eva to everyone.

Alena and Iva:
 (2014-02-11 22:31:19)

We are Eva's clients for a long time and our experience is truly amazing. She does all sorts of services including tarot cards and she is the best as everything she said actually came true. we are very glad to know her and thankful for excellent service and experiences.

 (2014-02-04 20:05:00)

Dear Eva, thank you for an exceptional experience. I had a Deep Tissue Massage and I can feel like I've been reborn. Eva knows every single muscle in the body and she is doing her job really properly. I needed very hard massage and Eva managed to bring my stiff muscles back to life. I've tried a few massage salons before but nowhere I received such strong and energising treatment. Another thing which is special about Eva is her hands. You can feel how the energy is radiating from her hands and healing the tissue she is touching. I believe that she has the ability to heal with her hands. I also liked the pleasant environment and lovely relaxing music during the session. I've definitely decided to become Eva's regular. Well done and thank you again Eva.

 (2014-02-03 14:36:52)

Hello, I went for tarot reading to Eva and it was absolutely great. She helped me to understand some issue which I have in my life and gave me a chance to look into the future. I recommend everyone to visit Eva. She is smiling person with a lot of positive energy. Thank you Eva :)

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