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Terms & Conditions

Dear Customer, please read carefully our terms and conditions:


1. We would like to ask our valued customers to book their appointment at least 24 hours in advance. In urgent cases, the same day booking can be accepted, subject to availability of free time slot.
2. We do not pick up private number calls, only calls from mobiles and land-line phones that clearly show caller's number.
3. In case of remote service such as reading over the phone or skype, the payment must be made before the reading itself by bank transfer or PayPal payment.

Massage Therapy Sessions

1. Our massage therapy services are highly professional, aimed to give our customers the most utter experience of comfort, relaxation and unwinding. We do not offer any erotic or sexual services.
2. Anybody, who during our conversation, shows interest in or asks about any extras or other services in any way connected with erotic or sexual practice will be put on our black list and further communication will be discontinued.
3. During the massage session our customers are required to leave their underwear on.
4. I do not massage any intimate parts of body such as bottom, genitals etc.
5. We are not accepting male customers for massage services unless they have recommendation from our previous customer.

Healing and Psychic Reading Sessions

1. In spite of my best effort, professional approach and long-time experience I can not guarantee any degree of certainty of outcome from my healing or psychic reading sessions.
2. The result is highly dependent on customer's accessibility, openness and responsiveness to stimuli which can't be measured or quantified by traditional methods. The most important precondition for successful outcome is to create an entirely honest and faithful relationship between me and you and to believe in one's own higher mind power. I can't do miracles, everyone's fate is in his own hands, every person has the free will which can be used to change his life.
3. What can I do is to show the way and direction and it's up to each man himself to recognize the opportunities offered by the universe and grasp the chances coming to his everyday life. Nothing comes automatically, a certain effort must be generated to make things happen.
4. Therefore the payment for my services is not refundable.

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