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Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "Wheel".
Chakras are the energy centres located throughout our body. Energy is absorbed and released from our body through these energy centres. There are 7 major Chakras that form a line along our spinal column.

    Seven major Chakras:

  • The Base or Root Chakra
    Chakra 7 Img Color: Red
    Position: Base of Spine
    Spiritual Aspect: Self-Awereness as a Human Being
    Basic Need: Security, Confidence
    Related Emotions: Fear and Courage
    Endocrine Gland: Adrenal
    Associated Organs: Kidneys, Bladder, Rectum, Vertebral Column, Hips
  • The Sacral Chakra
    Chakra 7 Img Color: Orange
    Position: Lower Abdomen
    Spiritual Aspect: Self-Respect
    Basic Need: Creativity within Relationship
    Related Emotions: Possessiveness, Sharing
    Endocrine Gland: Ovaries/Testes
    Associated Organs: Uterus, Large Bowel, Prostate, Ovaries, Testes
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra
    Chakra 7 Img Color: Yellow
    Position: Epigastrum - below Ribs
    Spiritual Aspect: Self-Worth
    Basic Need: Valuing the Needs of the Self
    Related Emotions: Anger, Resentment, Guilt, Unworthiness
    Endocrine Gland: Pancreas, Liver, Spleen, Stomach
    Associated Organs: Small Intestine
  • The Heart Chakra
    Chakra 7 Img Color: Green
    Position: Centre of Chest
    Spiritual Aspect: Self-Love
    Basic Need: To Give and Take Unconditionally
    Related Emotions: Joy, Hurt, Biterness
    Endocrine Gland: Thymus
    Associated Organs: Heart, Breasts
  • The Throat Chakra
    Chakra 7 Img Color: Blue
    Position: Throat
    Spiritual Aspect: Self-Expression
    Basic Need: Ability to Accept Change
    Related Emotions: Frustration, Freedom
    Endocrine Gland: Thyroid Gland
    Associated Organs: Lungs, Throat, Intestines
  • The Third Eye
    Chakra 7 Img Color: Indigo
    Position: Forehead
    Spiritual Aspect: Self-Responsability
    Basic Need: Vision and Balance
    Related Emotions: Confusion and Clarity
    Endocrine Gland: Pituitary Gland
    Associated Organs: Eyes, Lower Head and Sinuses
  • The Crown Chakra
    Chakra 7 Img Color: Violet/Purple
    Position: Top of Head
    Spiritual Aspect: Self-Consciousness
    Basic Need: Acceptance
    Related Emotions: Despair and Peace
    Endocrine Gland: Pineal
    Associated Organs: Brain

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Reiki Healing
Reiki treatment is healing with energies coming from the Universe sent through parctitioner's hands to different parts of recipient's body. The Reiki healing energy moves through the healer and is channelled to the recipient.

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Chakra Balancing Healing
Chakras are the energy centres located troughout our body. Energy is absorbed and released from our body through these energy centres. Blocked chakras cause that no or little energy is flowing through certain parts of the body..

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Fears & Phobias
Trauma - a disturbing experience and the origin of a neurosis, caused by a physical injury or emotional shock gives often rise to a phobia - an irrational fear or aversion. It can be treated by flattening the emotional charge in hypnosis.

Physical Conditions Img Small

Physical Conditions
Physical conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, skin conditions (warts, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis), migraines, pain management (burn-wound debridement, bone marrow aspirations, and childbirth) can be treated during hypnosis.

Behavioural Problems Img Small

Behavioural Problems
The symptoms treatable during hypnosis include: Jealousy and Possessiveness, Eating issues, Constant worries, Insomnia, Paranoia, Excessive exercise, Negative thoughts, Intrusive thoughts, Constant counting, Excessive tidiness, Rituals.

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Stress & Anxiety
Stress is a well-known trigger for depression and it can also affect your physical health. There are also many diagnosable conditions such as lack of self-confidence for which anxiety is the main symptom. Both issues can be helped with hypnosis.

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Bad Habits
Bad Habits are result of Compulsive behaviour, which can range from simple everyday activities such as shopping to more reckless behaviours such as self-harming. Significant are the underling reasons, which can be treated with hypnotherapy.

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