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For thousands of years, wise men, sages, philosophers, kings and leaders have all turned to palmistry for answers to these questions. Aristotle wrote of Palmistry in his De Historia Animalium. Julius Caesar read men’s palms in order to judge their intentions. Albert Einstein had his palm read! The Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte studied palmistry, as did Alexander the Great! Just as your eyes are a mirror into your soul, your hands are a reflection of you!

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The History Of Palm Reading Begins With Man’s Desire To Know The End. The occult has long been a fascination for man. The first beliefs about being able to predict the future emerged over 5000 years ago. The practice of fortune telling has taken many forms over the centuries one of the most popular and enduring of which is the reading of the palms and their lines.
Palmistry, can find its origins in history as far back as ancient Greece. It was Aristotle that first penned an account of the reading of a person’s life lines in an attempt to trace their past and future. He felt strongly that there was a connection between the soul of a person and the physical characteristics that they had. Aristotle presented his theories of palmistry to Alexander the Great who became quite keen on learning all he could of the practice. He was enthralled with the idea of learning about his military officers and governmental leaders through the study of their palm lines. Due, mainly to the advance of the Alexandrian Empire, palmistry quickly moved to other countries such as India, Tibet, China, Persia, Egypt. The practice was especially potent in these lands with Persia developing it to almost a cult religion during their middle empire periods. As the Romans absorbed the practice into their own empire after conquering the lands the Greeks had once controlled, they advanced took palmistry into any of the European lands that they conquered. These lands included territories that would eventually become the nations of Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Bavaria, Bohemia, Transylvania, and others. It was this time that the Roma, or Gypsy culture, began to openly practice palmistry, along with crystal gazing. It is their contribution to the art that is most widely recognized among the general population today. There are schools of thought that state that palmistry developed first in India, and possibly concurrently in China. They state that the practice as it was known by the Greek Anaxagoras, the man exposed Aristotle and subsequently Hippocrates to palmistry, must have been a cultural development which existed in one of the lands he had contact with during his travels around the known world at the time. The history of palm reading is one that is long, vibrant, interesting and often misunderstood. This is one of the oldest fortune telling practices known to man and without a doubt one which will continue to be used for a long time to come.

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Tarot Reading
Tarot Cards Reading is not meant to tell your fortune or future. The most powerful sources of information come from within - the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one's Higher Self, kind of looking into your inner mirror.

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Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. It is used to determine a person's personality, strengths and talents, obstacles, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others.

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Palm Reading
For thousands of years, wise men, sages, philosophers, kings and leaders have all turned to palmistry for answers to these questions. The lines engraved in your hand are like sentences in the book of your life for the one who has the gift to read it.

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Runes Reading
Runes are an oracle from which one seeks advice. They work best if you detail your current circumstances and then ask a specific question. Rune readings are sometimes obscure. They hint toward answers, but you have to figure out the details.

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Astrology views cosmos, humans, and nature as being reigned over and guided by powers and forces from beyond. All the events in the cosmos and on earth are linked together by an invisible bond coming from stars and planets.

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Spiritual Counselling
Mind, Body and Soul therapy - that's the best way how to describe this therapy just in three very essential words. It's about growth in person's awareness of his own wellbeing.

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